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Social BPM BookSocial BPM book

The Social BPM Handbook is published by Future Strategies in association with the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) in the BPM and Workflow Handbook Series and in June 201.
The details on the book are available online, including the complete Introduction containing full Table of Contents and Abstracts of each chapter. The book is a valuable resource in the field and gathers the contributions of several experts including Clay Richardson, Keith Swenson, Nathaniel Palmer, Sandy Kemsley, Max J. Pucher (see the post on his chapter), Keith Harrison-Broninski, and many others (most of them are also listed in my Prominent BPM Bloggers post).


Other Blog posts on Social BPM (huge collection of blog posts with summaries)
The BPM challenge of structure versus creativity

Tools and languages used in this project

Events related to Social BPM - BPMS2 Workshop at BPM Conference - Social Business Forum and - Social BPM TweetJam held on July 21, 2011 (see also bottom of the page)

Other tools and vendors that adopt some Social BPM practices


IBM BlueWorks Live