Demonstrations and proofs of concept


This page will contain the links and videos of the demo applications developed within the project.

Social scheduling of a business meeting

Social BPM entails several levels of social involvement in the Business process modeling cycle.

This demo:
- shows an example application of social enactment of of business processes
- describes how BPM models specified in BPMN are mapped to Web application models specified in WebML
- shows the feasibility of automatic integration of public social platforms within an enterprise application
- demonstrates that automatic code generation from models can be achieved also for this class of applications
Imagine a scenario in which the director of a business needs to look for stakeholders in an specific area and define a time to meet all of them. It is necessary to socialize the process in such a way that everyone is able to select the dates when he/she will be available. The director logs in into the application by using one of his social network credentials (e.g., LinkedIn credentials). Then, he can search for professionals in some industry area among his contacts. The search activity is supported by the social platform he is connected to, so he can use a great amount of social data without leaving the application and loosing context. Using the results of the query, the director selects the people to whom invitations will be sent to setup the meeting date.
Once the professionals to be invited are selected, a poll is created and the people are invited to mark their preferences among a predefined list of dates. The Director introduces the information needed to automatically generate a poll within a free online application (e.g., the popular Doodle platform) and the system generates a message sent to all of the social (LinkedIn) inbox of all participants. The message contains all the details to participate in the poll. This activity is represented as a message to a social pool where actors are enrolled dynamically and are able to create input in the process without being previously registered in the system. The process finishes when the Director chooses the final date for the meeting and publishes it.
This is the social BPMN diagram covering these requirements:

Social BPM - BPMN of the demonstration application: Social Meeting Scheduling

And this is a video that explains how we applied our approach to the sceario and how we generated the running application (available also in HD):